Making paragraphs containing latex that are not able to be inspected.


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    There is no way to alter the inspection rules on latex commands at this time. The rules are:

    1) Block math can be inspected. Block math includes any latex commands that are on their own inside XML tags. E.g.

    <p> $ y = mx + b $ </p>

    2) Inline math can not be inspected. Inline math includes any latex commands that have other elements before/after it inside XML tags. E.g.

    <p> This is my equation: $ y = mx + b $ </p>


    To fix your inspection issue you can either add some text before or after your latex commands, or you can fake the look of a latex string by changing the font type and italicising the text: 

    <p><font name="serif"><i>c : Damping Coefficient</i></font></p>
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