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  • Pete

    Currently, we don't have a special reserved character or tag to add a tab to a paragraph, though that's a great idea! There are a couple of things that I can think of that you can do. One would be to put the paragraphs into a table or horizontal stack so that you can add space as a margin. The other more awkward method is to add tabs manually using the CDATA tag. Putting the tag into your paragraph will force the compiler to treat your spacing (like a conventional tab) as space. So your code would look like:

    <p><![CDATA[ ]]>Here is some text</p>
    <p><![CDATA[ ]]> Here is more</p>

    where the space in the CDATA is a tab character.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll see if there are other ideas around the office.

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  • Support Admin

    You can also use a style to increase the left margin of any lines of text that you would like to have indented. You could apply the style to each individual paragraph, or to a stack that surrounds all the indented lines. For example:

    <style name="tabStyle">

    <p>function name</p>
    <stack style="tabStyle">
        <p>first line of code</p>
        <p>second line of code</p>
        <p>third line of code</p>
        <p>fourth line of code</p>
    <p>end function</p>

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