Accurately display the dimension of an inskscape (CSV file) drawing in qdex app?


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    You can try to adjust the scale factor in the svg to qdex file to more accurately represent a 10m beam. For your example, would you like the 10m beam to take up 10 units on the plot? Is it important that the users see the gridlines in the drawing, or can you remove the gridlines and pretend that the beam is 10m?

    For your second question, it sounds like the plot is autoscaling to the size of the beam. You can change that by fixing the axes to a range. E.g.:

    <axis dim="x" auto="fixed" min="0" max="15" />
    <axis dim="y" auto="fixed" min="-20" max="20" />
    <series> ...

    Which would fix the grid from 0 to 15 in the x-axis and -20 to 20 in the y-axis. More information on plot scaling can be found here.

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